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How to choose a Bitcoin wallet?

Before receiving or spending Bitcoins, it is mandatory to get a Bitcoin WALLET. The choice is very large but important features are required: Ease of use, fees of the chosen service and especially level of security.
In the Bitcoin world, security and safety take precedence over the rest. Without becoming paranoid, we can only have a measured confidence both in online wallets (specialized websites) and software wallets (vault software installed on your computer). Then remain paper wallets and hardware wallets.

Paper wallets are free and easy to use when you just need to store your bitcoins. You can generate in few seconds a new Paper Wallet on websites like or The problem of paper wallets comes when you need to spend your bitcoins or to transfer them. You really need some skills not so hard to understand but nevertheless complicated enough to cause problems to beginners. If you still get a paper wallet and are not experienced users, never forget to transfer/spend ALL the Bitcoin stored on the paper wallet in ONE TIME. If you don't do that, you're at risk to lose the bitcoin not spent.
To be clear, a paper wallet must be considered as a temporary vault (address) for keeping your funds before transferring ALL OF THEM to a live wallet.

Bitcoin paper wallet

Hardware Wallets: In our opinion, that's the best way to store your bitcoins and the best one is without contest the Ledger Wallet. What's that? It's just a secure USB drive, physically in your possession, which contains all your bitcoins.
The installation of the Ledger Wallet is very easy, even for newbies and beginners. Here's how to proceed:
1) If you don't have it, you need to install the Chrome browser.
2) Open Chrome then go to Menu >> More tools >> Extensions.
3) Click More Extensions and look for "Ledger Wallet Bitcoin" (or anything like that).
4) Install this extension and when done, launch it.
5) Connect your USB Ledger Wallet and follow the instructions on the computer screen.
6) Your Bitcoin wallet is now fully functional. You can start sending and receiving Bitcoins in a secure environment.
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